Beef Orders

A Whole Beef

A Half Beef

A Quarter Beef

With a half a cow, you’ll get approximately 225 lbs of beef. It includes 95 pounds of ground beef (in 1 or 2lb packages), and the remaining 130 lbs of beef is in cuts like steaks, roasts, ribs, brisket, and tenderloin, etc. We still recommend a chest freezer for this amount of cuts, or share with your family and friends. 

Half beef hanging weight* (approx. 350 to 380 pounds)  x $3.75/lb=$1,315.00 -  $1,425.00

Plus Processing**: approx. $300.00 - $330.00

Total: $1,615.00 - $1,755.00

We will inform you of your exact cost before pickup or delivery.

You'll need a freezer - or additional family/friends to share with. With a whole beef you would get approximately 450 lbs of beef. It will be approximately 200 lbs of ground beef (in 1 or 2lb packages), and the other 250 lbs are in cuts like steaks, roasts, ribs, brisket, tenderloin, etc. On average, we’ve found that a whole is great for families of three or more that eat beef four or more meals a week. You'll save the most money and have beef for a whole year. But you can always share with family and friends. 

Whole beef hanging weight* (approx. 700 to 750 pounds) x $3.25/lb=$2,275.00 - $2,440.00

Plus Processing**: approx. $570.00 - $610.00

Total: $2,845.00 - $3,050.00

We will inform you of your exact cost before pickup or delivery. 

This is approximately 110 lbs of beef. This will completely fill the freezer of your regular refrigerator (4-5 cu. ft.). This includes about 50 lbs of hamburger (in 1lb packages), and the rest of the beef comes in a variety of cuts like steaks, roasts, ribs, and brisket. 

Quarter beef hanging weight* (approx. 160 to 190 pounds)  x $4.25/lb =$680.00 - $810.00

Plus Processing**: approx. $165.00 - $190.00

Total: $845.00 - $1,000.00

We will inform you of your exact cost before pickup or delivery.

We require a $100 deposit for a half and a $200 for a whole. This deposit reserves your spot on our waiting list and allows us to better plan our harvest schedule.  It is non-refundable and will be subtracted from your final total. Cutting instructions will be required when we schedule a date with the processor. You must take delivery of meat within 3 days of us picking it up from the butcher or you forfeit your deposit. We love you and thank you for your busines, but we can't hold halves or wholes for you forever, we don't have that kind of space.

Hamburger Only

Individual Cuts

For Fido

We can supply you with all your hamburger needs. Let us know the ratio you want (90/10, 80/20, etc). We can do pre-formed patties, 1lb or 2lb package options, anything to make your mealtime prep easier. Call us anytime for a price: 931.814.0312.
Want to impress your in-laws with some bone-in ribeyes over the holidays or maybe all you need are some ribs for your next BBQ. We will work with you to deliver any cuts you would like. Prices vary. Call us anytime: 931.814.0312
Needing some treats for your pets? We have femur bones, cow ears, hooves, ox tail, etc. All USDA processed and safe for your fury friend. Prices vary. Call us anytime: 931.814.0312
​​*Hanging weight - This is the weight that the butcher gives us after the animal has had loss of blood, head, hide, hooves, certain organs, etc. removed.  The hanging weight is usually about 60% of the live weight for beef and 70% for pork.  This is the weight we base our per lb charges on. A fair number considering you get what you pay for: if we harvest a larger animal, you'll get more meat and pay accordingly. If we harvest a small animal, you'll receive less meat, but you'll pay less as well.

** Processing is the cost the butcher charges to harvest the meat under USDA-certified inspection, let the meat dry-age for 14-21 days and vacuum seal the final product. It's $0.85/lb of hanging weight plus a $45 termination fee. This cost will vary depending on the weight of your animal. There is also a small upcharge for patties and links.