"He makes the grass grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivate - bringing forth food from the earth"
- Psalm104:14
Our Story - Rock To Table

Raising cattle, pigs and kids

Pilaroc (pronounced pile a rock) was a simple name we came up with in describing the land on the northern end of Lincoln County; nothing but rocks. When we first moved there, we couldn’t believe the amount of rock on the land and couldn’t imagine anything growing there but cedar trees and more rock. But with our backgrounds (both dairy farmers kids that have been in the agriculture industry our whole lives), we knew we could make something work. 

Pilaroc Farms was created for two reasons: 1. To provide you the best local meat-eating experience possible and 2. So that our children could be raised deeply-rooted in agriculture, just as we were raised. 

At Pilaroc Farms, every animal is developed as if it were going to be served at our own table: we want it local, we want to know that is was raised humanely and be sustainable, and we want the best quality meat available. The nutrition, the health, how we handle and manage the cattle and the precise genetic selection is what we hang our hats on – and all that ties into the final product that will please your taste buds.

​​Pilaroc Farms resides on 120 acres in northern and southern Lincoln County, Tennessee. All of our Angus-cross cattle and Berkshire-cross pigs are pasture-raised. That means they spend their entire lives on pasture, from beginning to end. We do supplement our animals with a local grain-based diet once they get close to finishing to allow for a truly flavorful eating experience. It’s wholesome, safe, quality beef and pork with no added hormones or fed antibiotics. 

We encourage you to come by and visit us at Pilaroc Farms. You’re more than welcome to see where our cattle and pigs spend their lives. You will probably find our children, Wyatt, Tensie Ruth and John Colyar, out there scratching the cows behind their ears with one hand and a bucket in the other, so bring your boots…they’ll expect you to work.